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Welcome to Teach Your K9

At Teach Your K9 we help you understand how to teach your dog and have fun at the same time.

We are committed to providing quality dog-human relationship training to help you develop a well-behaved canine companion that fits your individual lifestyle.

Our training seeks to develop the best program and package to meet your individual needs, whether that is with shaping behavior in your home or participating in one of our workshops with a specialized instructor. Workshop topics include bite work, protection work, grooming your dog, advanced agility, dog CPR and first aid, and many more!


Teach Your K9  is all about helping you have fun while shaping your dog.  We look forward to creating a program that best fits your needs.

Teach Your K9 Radney Foster

Radney Foster

Shirley has an incredible ability, not only to understand dogs, but to work with both dogs and their owners to find the best solutions. I’ve seen her work with many different breeds, addressing the individual needs of each dog. She certainly worked magic with mine!

Teach Your K9 Rudy

Robbie Brooks Moore

We love Shirley! It really eases our minds to know that Rudy is having so much fun with his friends when we are away.

Teach Your K9 Robbie

Jessica Rae

Shirley fostered Robbie from Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue after being told he was aggressive and was about to be euthanized. After 2 months of teaching Robbie, I adopted him and I can't be more thrilled to have my best friend. Shirley is amazing at what she does.

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